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Fresh (adjective)  not previously known or used; new or different.
Aesthetic (noun) a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artistic movement.
The Fresh Aesthetic was founded by director + photographer Erik Haslett and producer + photographer Rafael Jimenez who met while working on various projects for MTV Networks and found a collaborative partner with a shared creative vision.  Since that point, they have worked both together and separately within every aspect of the creative process for a variety of major brands and networks.  
In 2019, the two frequent collaborators decided to form The Fresh Aesthetic, a truly unique creative content agency equally adept at both broadcast production and photography / graphic design. What we specialize in is originality and creative vision applied to our ever increasing technical arsenal.  This is our secret sauce. 
But enough about us…We prefer to let our work do the talking.  After all, even the most informative “About” section cannot drop the knowledge you need.  Our origin story is one thing, but you need to know whether we deliver compelling creative content, i.e. The Goods.  And for that, the proof is in the work…Please see the links below:

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